Democrats continue to sound political gong

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By Nicholas Horton

The House voted this afternoon to formally condemn South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson for his outburst during President Obama’s partisan rant to a joint session of Congress last week.   This vote is little more than a slap on the wrist for Wilson who has seen his campaign bank account rise over $1 million since the incident.

Wilson continues to say “the issue is over” (and of course he is right).  The Congressman apologized to President Obama first thing Thursday morning, the day after the outburst, and Obama accepted.   But the Democrats insist on beating this dead political horse all the way through the health care debate.  Pelosi and Obama are not as stupid as they seem–they are using Joe Wilson as a political scapegoat for their failing health care agenda and daily plummeting poll numbers.  This ‘formal rebuke’ issued by Congress today is the first of its kind in our nation’s history and it is nothing more than a political stunt.   It is a shameful abuse of power and waste of taxpayer money.

Where was the outrage in 2005 when a large number of Democrats booed President Bush during his State of the Union address?

Joe Wilson insists that he will not apologize to Nancy Pelosi or to the President again.  Good for him.  Here’s hoping he holds his ground.

Click here to support Congressman Wilson on Facebook.   Click here to follow Joe on Twitter.


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