The Fightin’ Side of Joe: Bringing the Right Around

4531_1164778243789_1357866499_455562_7788514_nBy Chuck Catania

Joe Wilson: A husband, father and grandfather, retired Colonel and judge. Yet, for many of us, Representative Joe Wilson was an obscure figure in American politics right up until the night of September 9th. Say it again. September 9th. September 9th marks the climax of oppression and suppression in the 111th Congress. One thing was clear at the end of Wednesday night: No more. The Republican Party would no longer sit idly by, while an out of control President and Congress destroy the America that countless have died for.

To their credit, there has been Republican dissent. Judd Gregg, Ranking Member on the Senate Budget Committee (R-NH), has fought tirelessly against Kent Conrad and the Democratic majority in order to rein in spending. Richard Shelby (R-AL) tried to provide resistance against the government takeover of the automobile industry. John Thune (R-SD) wrote the Concealed Carry Amendment, which would’ve allowed gun owners to travel across state lines with their weapons. Senator Thune came closest to success, gathering 59 of the 60 votes it needed to pass; even still, the liberal establishment would not listen.

Joe Wilson threw himself in the forefront of this debate, calling down President Obama, with one simple phrase, “You lie.” Since then, there has been talk of a censure of Representative Wilson. In fact, John McCain called the action “totally disrespectful.” The entirety of upper echelon Republican politics has talked about the foolish way in which Representative Wilson conducted himself. This begs the question, if that is the case, why has Wilson raised almost $1 million since that day? It also begs the question, why have Americans, spanning from Seattle to Miami, flooded talk shows, newspapers, and blogs with encouragement directed towards Representative Wilson, many of whom are actually begging Wilson to refuse to apologize again?

So, let’s recap. Washington says that Representative Wilson is wrong. Americans say that he’s exactly what we need in Washington!

Washington is the architect of such disasters as Cash for Clunkers, the government takeover of General Motors, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, not to mention the legitimized Ponzi scheme of Social Security. Americans are responsible for the Revolutionary War, capitalism, and philanthropy. As Americans, we do not trust Congress, reflected by their 28% approval rating. So I ask, why should we trust their judgment on what is considered “disrespectful?”

I venture to say that whatever Congress says is wrong, is almost always not only innately right, but the will of the people who have elected them. They say that we must engage in intelligent discourse. I say that we’ve tried! Senator Thune had bipartisan support for his amendment, and still, it failed. The time for discourse in Washington is not over; it simply has not started! Americans are not being taken seriously by the liberal elite and until they do, conversation is no longer the order of the day. We will make them listen. We will no longer make pleas to Democrats. Instead, we will send our pleas straight to the American people. We will remind them that Washington is under the ownership of “We the People!” Once we do, then and only then will proper “Washingtonian Etiquette” be employed. Representative Wilson gave us our battle cry. For that, we are eternally thankful. Now it is our turn. We must stand up and be counted. Barack Obama and his Democratic Congress do not own their positions. We were kind enough to lend them out; it is time for a recall.


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  1. Chris

    One of the difficult things about political discourse…..if you want to make your position right…..point out what is wrong with the other guy. Regardless of what you think about Joe Wilson, his motives, or his money raising….he broke a rule. He signed on to be a member of a club that has rules and he broke a rule. That does not mean his motivation or his intentions are wrong. He just chose the wrong place to make the argument.
    And I think that donors to his campaign are donating because of the argument, not because of when and where he said it. When Obama increases spending and citizens criticize him, the standard refrain is….where were you when Bush was increasing spending? It’s a tired and useless argument…..kinda like racism. The point is that we can acknowledge that Joe Wilson WAS wrong….in where he said it…..but not in what he said. And many conservatives have played right into liberal hands by turning this minor skirmish into a major war.

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