A look at the 1st District


By N. Horton

Long-time 1st District Congressman Marion Berry (not to be confused with Marion Barry) seems to be rather confused on a number of issues, particularly reckless, out-of-control spending.  It seems that Mr. Berry is content to justify President Obama’s reckless spending by pointing to President Bush’s reckless spending.  After all, “Bush lied, the economy died.”  In fact, let me go on the record now–this will be the mantra of the Democrats in 2010.  Perhaps they will not use those exact words, but they will continue to try and blame this ailing economy on President Bush while ignoring “Stimulus” bill, the irresponsible conduct of Democrats in regards to Fannie and Freddie Mac, and numerous other factors that caused the economic meltdown.  In fact, The Washington Post reports that this is already happening in some key gubernatorial races across the country.

Mr. Berry is also extremely ‘mixed up’ when it comes to Cap & Trade.  Berry voted for the legislation in a trial vote and then returned home to his district to tell the local media that it was “a bad bill” and “Cap and Trade is a bad idea.”

Just words, just words…

So what’s up for Berry in 2010?  The race of his life.  Emerging as the only Republican challenger (so far), Rick Crawford of Jonesboro.  Crawford is a veteran who believes he has a special connection with other vets from around the state:

I understand the issues, the challenges, and the problems our veterans face in being one. Congressman Berry is not a veteran and can only understand so much what it means to have served, to come home, and to be faced with the many issues our veterans are faced with.

Rick Crawford announces his candidacy

Rick Crawford announces his candidacy

Crawford has experience in agriculture, a vital issue to the 1st District.  He has been involved in agri-communications and agri-business since 1996.  In fact, Crawford served as an agri-adviser to former 3rd District U.S. Congressman and 2006 gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson.

With Obamacare being the current hot topic, Crawford tells The Patriot:

Health care delayed is health care denied.  The attempt to nationalize our health care system is not just an attempt to create even larger government bureaucracies, it is a major power grab by the executive branch veiled in a entitlement program.

You can read more about Rick Crawford’s stance on issues by clicking here.

As a former rodeo announcer, Crawford seems to have that Arkansas cowboy/military appeal that will connect with voters.  Berry is a formidable incumbent, but Crawford has the substance that the 1st District deserves.  This will be a good one to watch.
Get connected with Rick:


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