Who’s out of order?

MyhanBy Garret Myhan

I attended the Searcy City Council meeting on the evening of October 13 and was truly shocked by what I saw. I was under the impression that Robert’s Rules of Order were used to conduct meetings of the Council, but apparently I was mistaken. What I witnessed instead was the use of Belinda LaForce’s Rules of Order, with which the Mayor strong-armed dissenting members of the Council into line with her plan of predetermined events. This behavior reminded me of a bully picking on other kids during elementary school recess. Repeatedly the Mayor accused Alderman Nutter of being “out of order” when he introduced amendments regarding the A&P tax. The Mayor even went so far as to blatantly ignore a properly introduced and seconded motion by Aldermen Nutter and Brewer, simply because she did not agree politically with the content of their motion. This childish disregard for proper procedure by Mayor LaForce and her allies on the Searcy City Council is a disgrace to our city and should be an embarrassment to every Searcy voter. I only hope visitors from out of town were not present to witness this juvenile display.

Garret Myhan is a guest contributor to The Arkansas Patriot.  He is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in group practice in Searcy, AR.   Garret is married, the father of 3 children, an active blogger, and an advocate for Constitutional limited government.  Garret blogs at Sleepy G’s.


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