Respect, anyone?

By Chuck Catania

I would like to note that this article is not written in response to Barack Obama’s theft of the Nobel Peace Prize, but instead, something that we must view in all aspects of his “administration.” In the recent months, the subject of the presidency has often been broached. Many, in fact, have been singing a tune much to the same effect, “Well, you have to respect President Obama. You don’t have to respect Barack Obama, but you must respect the Presidency.” Well, in thinking about it, in one way, yes, they are correct; however, in another, they are dead wrong. As Americans, we have a duty and responsibility to respect the presidency. That said, “The Presidency” is bigger than any one man. In fact, the presidency has little to do with the president; it is the administration that is run by the president.

We show respect for the presidency by evaluating candidates, and on Election Day, going to our polling stations to vote for the man or woman that we think will best defend that office. We respect the presidency by allowing the Executive Branch to enforce laws enacted by Congress without citizen interference, and also by abiding by executive orders, including those that we may disagree with.

I, along with millions of other constitutionally driven Americans, refuse to give my support or respect to a man destined to destroy our nation as we know it. A man devoted to crushing capitalism and opportunism through such destructive measures as Cap and Trade, not to forget the bureaucratic boondoggle in the guise of “health care reform,” does not deserve the respect of his constituents. A man who, through eying the close of Guantanamo Bay, is intent on allowing terrorists more rights than citizens does not deserve our respect. President Obama is a man that was made-to-order by the liberal establishment in order to denigrate the hard work of real Americans by stealing from the futures of their children. This is a man who has just pushed our 10 year deficit projection to over $9 trillion. Why does he do this? President Obama does this, not in the name of liberty or freedom for those oppressed across the globe, but in the name of “reducing the hazard of lead paint,” buying hybrid vehicles for federal employees, and in order to attain furniture at the new Homeland Security headquarters, among other items of government waste in the “stimulus.”

This is where we say NO! We will not support President Obama. We will not support socialist reform! In fact, constitutionalists want him to fail. Yes, we want him to fail! Every measure of Obama policy that restricts and degrades American freedom or capitalism will be met with a loud and resounding, “Not on our watch!”

Mr. President, you do not have our support. You do not have our respect. In fact, it is in our fervent respect for the presidency that dictates our actions; a mere president will not destroy something as intrinsically beautiful as the basis to our government that the Founding Fathers worked so passionately to structure.


Chuck Catania is a student at Harding University and a contributing member of The Arkansas Patriot.  Contact Chuck at


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