The Politics of Food

6927_148003761418_136156491418_3434556_5588502_nBy C. Tuthill

Meatless Mondays in Baltimore schools. I am sure that PETA is pleased with the choice of the school district NOT to provide a choice on Mondays. While the diet of a child is a legitimate concern for parents, it is not a political issue and should not be taken on as such bya school district.

Because Meatless Mondays can only be followed by a careful assessment of the fact that many children have weight problems and a proper response to that would be Foodless Fridays.

Good/poor food products are a safety and public health issue. Restaurants and purveyors of food have a responsibility to provide safe food for the consumer. The choice of what foods to eat lies with the consumer….as does the burden of responsibility for poor choices.

The burden of responsibility for a school district lies with math and reading and science. The Obama administration might want to put “nutrition and obesity at the top of its public health agenda” however, those are hollow words at best.

There is no “wellness” program in their health care because you cannot legislate it…regardless of whether you agree that such wellness programs may save health insurance dollars. Offering a wellness program does not make you well. Using a wellness program makes you well.

You cannot have diet police that come to your home and watch you eat. You cannot have exercise police who escort you daily to the gym. Unless or until the US becomes far beyond a socialist state….more of a crushing dictatorship with a huge army that physically enforces the diet and nutrition will of a few…you cannot enforce diet and nutrition and exercise….or wellness.

Which is not to say that it should not be encouraged and purveyors of food and other products take an active role in the safety of their products and keeping their buyers mindful of the risks ….while at the same time not stooping to the “political debate” about the rightness and wrongness of certain foods.

Food is not a political tool to be used by a few to control many. It is a personalchoice and should remain so. Choice of food is a personal one….and that choice should not be regulated based upon the food preferences of particular groups and forced upon those who do not share the same food choices.


Chris Tuthill is a Guest Contributor to The Arkansas Patriot.  She is the Co-Founder and Organizer of the Ozark TEA Party.  Chris also Co-Hosts “The Blessings of Liberty,” a conservative talk radio show out of Mountain Home, AR.  Stream the show live at


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