2010 Mayoral Poll Has City Abuzz

The current political buzz in Searcy—a new mayor is coming to town.  Earlier this week a local businessman conducted a scientific phone poll, pitting four potential mayoral candidates against the incumbent Belinda Laforce.

Kyle Reeves, Dan Hodges, Dale Brewer, and Steve Sterling were all matched up against Laforce—read their full profiles: “Coming Soon: New Mayor to Searcy.”

AP cannot release all of the details of the poll at this time, but each of these four potential candidates beat Laforce in head to head matchups.  One potential candidate beat Laforce by as many as 20 points.  The closest race was separated by ½ of a percentage point, resulting in a Laforce loss.

One thing is sure:  trouble looms for this incumbent mayor who has raised taxes, thwarted the state constitution, operated under a closed-door policy, and turned a deaf ear to The People.

You decide:

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  1. Arkansas Patriot

    *Editor’s note: The poll has reappeared, but does not seem to be working properly. There seem to be some backdoors that are allowing people (or one person) to vote multiple times. We hope to correct these type of errors in future polls, but cannot alter this poll without resetting the results. Obviously some at city hall have had a busy day driving these numbers up and we do not wish to negate their hard work.

    The poll will remain active for the rest of this week.

  2. Teddy Republican

    Childish much?

    Somebody might want to inform the Mayor about how un-scientific, inaccurate, and irrelevant an online poll is.

    If conducted correctly the phone poll, however, would be accurate and relevant.

  3. Nelson Ruscin

    Even with your glitches it should be pointed out that the mayor did not receive a majority of the votes. Much like Blanche Lincoln , Vic Snyder, etc. anyone with a pulse is projected to beat them in a head to head election.

  4. Arkansas Patriot

    Editor’s Note: We remind our readers that this internet poll is unscientific. There is no reason to place any confidence in the results–they can easily be hacked.

    There was, however, a scientific poll conducted last week (as mentioned in the above article) and Laforce lost to everyone, losing to one opponent by as much as 20 points.

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