State Rep. Hopeful Refuses to Answer Policy Question

A concerned Searcy citizen submitted this letter to The Patriot:

“I met Jesse Boyce at Congressman Vic Snyder’s recent meeting at the Lightle Center in Searcy.  When I introduced myself to him, realizing he is a candidate for State Representative, I asked him what his personal position is on abortion.  His response: “I’m not going to tell you.” Then I asked him, if he had an opportunity to vote on the abortion issue, how would he vote (pro-choice or pro-life). His response: “I’m not going to tell you.” 

Wow, what “representation” is this?  It  reminds me of my Searcy City Council & their recent votes for “non-partisan”  elections (The Daily Citizen, Nov. 12, 2009). “Non Partisan” sounds good, until you realize that it takes away information from the voter. Obviously Searcy’s council wants to keep information from the voters – the more uniformed we are, the better (for them). Voting against information for the citizens were: Steve Sterling, Mary Ann Arnett, Jim Dixon, Dale English & Mike Chalenburg. They also are not allowing the citizens to have a vote on the A&P tax.  They have alot in common with Jesse Boyce – just in regard to different issues. I understand our city council people are a mixture of Democrats & Republicans.   Just goes to show that we cannot even trust all the information we are allowed to have. These “Republicans” must be “Republicans in name only – RINOS” & the Democrats are . . .perhaps Obama clones?  I don’t care how many other cities in Arkansas have “non-partisan” elections. Now I know why the conservative majority in Arkansas is represented by a majority of liberals.

Also, I reviewed Congressman Vic Snyder’s voting record.  It appears that he supported the following:  1) the Obama Stimulus Bill; 2) the Omnibus Bill; 3) the Government Takeover of our Healthcare; 4) Cap & Trade; 5) the Auto Industry Bailout.  That’s probably just the beginning.  Does he really believe that he is representing the majority of his constituents?

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to stand up against this nonsense. The people of Arkansas are not ignorant and the majority do not stand for these types of shenanigans.

D. Hillestad, Searcy, AR”

The Patriot has learned that Jesse Boyce is a Democrat candidate for District 49 Representative, a seat currently held by Jonathan Dismang of Beebe.


The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly.  The editor can be reached at Follow The Patriot on Twitter and Facebook. 



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  2. Wesley

    I am curious to know, why does Jeremy Gillam’s appointment to Blanche Lincoln’s agriculture panel raise concerns?

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