What We’re Fighting For

Searcy Boy Scouts pledging their allegiance.


One comment

  1. Suzan Kaye

    Excellent photo … it’s encouraging to see that kids are still being taught to say the Pledge of Allegiance (and hopefully learn what it means, at the same time).

    But … it might be a good time to suggest that the patriotic young man at left be taught one of the fine points of respecting his flag: that ONLY men & women currently IN UNIFORM(armed forces & law enforcement), and those Veterans who previously served their country in the military, should salute the flag in that fashion (civilians salute by placing their right hand over their heart). Scouts IN UNIFORM may give their particular 2- or 3-fingered “Scout salute” (but when out of uniform, as in this photo, they should put hand over heart like the rest of us).

    I bring this up not to chastise the Scout, but to point out that there are rules in place that we ALL should learn about showing respect for our flag … adults are as guilty of ignoring the rules as the kids who don’t yet know any better. For example, the law (Flag Code) says: (1) during a parade, whenever a color guard passes by — we should stand and salute; (2) whenever the Star Spangled Banner is played — we should stand and salute; and (3), although not in the Flag Code, it is commonly accepted that whenever Taps is played during an outdoor memorial service (like Veterans Day or Memorial Day) — we should stand and salute.

    To do anything less is to DISrespect our flag, and everything it stands for.

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