Nicholas Horton sits down with “The Link”

Recently Nicholas Horton, a candidate for city council in Ward 1, sat down with Taelor Aebi of Harding University’s “The Link” to discuss his campaign:

“Taking political matters into his own hands, Harding graduate student Nicholas Horton is running for City Council in Searcy. Horton is running for a position in Ward 1 and will likely take on republican incumbent Mary Ann Arnett in the May election.

Horton says he developed his love for politics at a young age when he served time on the Searcy Youth Council. The program started by former mayor, David Evans, selected students from each school to spend one day a month with city hall, the fire department, and Searcy police.”

To hear the full interview and read the rest of the story, click this link.

*Due to the new non-partisan status of the city council, Horton’s election will now be in November 2010.

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