Keep Your Guard Up

There remains some speculation about whether the Searcy City Council’s motives in setting the election date for the A&P Tax were entirely pure.  This speculation arises from Mr. Dixon’s “no” vote on the motion to set the election date–a motion that he made.  He obviously objected to the amendment by Mr. Nutter that the collection of the tax be stopped immediately.  It seems that if the Council is voting to repeal the ordinance that created the A&P Tax, pending a special election, that they would also suspend the tax itself.  How can the tax be (legally) collected without an enforcing ordinance?  It seems clear that the Council wants to continue to collect as much revenue as possible.  Nonetheless, the Council, seemingly confused, passed the motion 5-3.

Some if the aldermen who voted for the motion to suspend the tax seem to be less than pleased with this result.  This dissatisfaction is leading to the speculation that the Council will flop on their promise to conduct the election.  It is also important to note that the Council did not vote to accept the petitions of the Searcy Friends of the Voters, but rather set the election date on their own accord.
Stay tuned to The Patriot for further developments.

Below you will find video of last night’s meeting.

JD Yingling heroically suggests that the Council set an election date for the tax (as Alderman Nutter, Mr. Biddle, Mr. Niblock, and at least 1200 other Searcy citizens have been requesting for 6 months):

After Mr. Yingling, Mr. Niblock was allowed to address the Council, despite their previous refusal to allow him to speak.  More discussion :

More illogic.  This video does not cover the actual vote on the ordinance to set the election date, but the motion did carry 7-1 with Dixon dissenting:

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