National TEA Party Convention – Part 1

Nicholas Horton

As many of you know, I had the privilege of attending the National TEA Party Convention in Nashville a few weekends ago.  I have not had any time to share my experiences from the event because I left the following Monday for Dallas and was there for 6 days at Christ For the Nations Institute.  Now I am back in the Land of Opportunity and buried neck deep in 6,000-word term papers.  Isn’t life grand?

I will use this post to share some video and pictures from my trip.  Unfortunately I left home without my camera so I missed some photo ops with stars like Tom Tancredo, but finally broke down and bought a new one while I was there–I was meeting too many famous people to not have some photographic evidence.  I was able to meet and visit with Mr. Tancredo for several minutes.  We relived some of our favorite moments of his presidential campaign and discussed his prospects of making another run in 2012.  Other cameos included Carl Cameron of Fox News (who I met as I was exiting the men’s room); Chris Wallace of Fox News; Andrew Breitbart of,, and; Judge Roy Moore, known as the “10 Commandments judge” and a current candidate for Alabama governor; and Angela McGlowan, Fox News contributor and recently announced candidate for Mississippi congressman.

These gentlemen, whose identity was kept secret to protect their jobs in Hollywood, performed their original song “American Made” before Sarah Palin’s keynote address on Saturday night:

Check back in a few weeks for a more detailed account of the events of the weekend and my lovely encounters with the mainstream media.  I will also be sharing my video of Andrew Breitbart’s introduction of Governor Palin and her opening remarks.


Nicholas Horton is the Editor of The Arkansas Patriot and a candidate for Searcy City Council in Ward 1.  Contact Nicholas at and follow him on Twitter.


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