Searcy Tax Freedom Rally Attracts Scores of Anti-Tax Voters

By Nicholas Horton

The Tax Freedom Rally in Searcy was a huge success.  Scores of concerned citizens showed up to voice their concerns about out-of-control taxes and irresponsible local government.  Many thanks to everyone who helped make this event a victory for the people of Searcy.

KARK-4 showed up to capture the event on video.  You can see their coverage by clicking here.  The mayor showed up just in time for an interview.

More photos of the rally are available at my Facebook Page.

Early voting begins today, Tuesday, April 6th.  Make your voice heard.

Everything we have worked for is all for naught if the people do not show up and vote.  This is your city and your election.  Reclaim your rights.  Reclaim the direction of this community.

Vote AGAINST the Searcy A&P Tax this week at the White County Clerk’s Office and next week at the Carmichael Center.


Nicholas Horton is the Editor of The Arkansas Patriot and a candidate for Searcy City Council in Ward 1.  Contact Nicholas at and follow him on Twitter.



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