27 Anti-A&P Tax Signs Unearthed On City Property – UPDATE: Police Report Attached

Early this morning, many concerned citizens alerted The Patriot that their “Vote Against the A&P Tax Signs” had been stolen out of their yards during the night.

Around 11:30 a.m., 27 anti-A&P Tax signs were unearthed at a local Searcy park.  The signs were buried in a mud volleyball pit that is maintained by the city.  Searcy Police Chief Kyle Osborne was alerted and came to the scene.  Attorney for the Searcy Friends of the Voters Greg Niblock was also present.

View the police report here.

The tipster, who will remain anonymous for their own protection from city bullies, claims that Searcy Parks & Rec employees are the perpetrators.  Stay tuned to The Patriot for developments.

There will be picketing at City Hall tomorrow at 12:00 using these muddy signs. Contact Jacklyn at english9teacher@sbcglobal.net for more info.

Chief Osborne has been a public supporter of the A&P Tax.  We support his right to take a stand on this issue, but we urge him to conduct a swift and fair investigation into the theft of this private property.  Politics should not impede justice.

It sure seems the city will do anything necessary to try to win this election.  Unfortunately for them, this election will be decided by you, The People.  Make your voices heard.  Say no to higher taxes, more bureaucracy, and more cronyism in our city.  Stand up.  GO Vote Against The A&P Tax.


The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly.  The editor can be reached at arkansaspatriot@gmail.com Follow The Patriot on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. Scott Biddle

    It’s all so clear now: The reason we need more land for parks is that the parks and rec folks have been doing stuff like this for years and while they have plenty of land available, they have very little that they haven’t buried things on! They know they are running out of room to bury skeletons and political signs and other incriminating evidence against them, so they want to buy 50 acres of unusable land adjacent to Riverside Park!!! What better place to bury stolen goods than a piece of land that will never be used (at least not until after they are long gone)?

  2. Chris Johnson

    This is the sort of corruption you typically see from people that are desperate. The city has shown repeatedly how desperate they are to win this vote.

  3. Paige

    Seriously people?!?!?! Corruption in Searcy, please. The Republican party (which I am registered in) is an embarassment to our city. Countless times I have traveled the state and have been approached by others laughing about the immaturity our city shows. The A&P Tax is a wonderful thing. For instance the city pool is hosting the 2010 AAU State Championship, (the kids that win this will go on to the Jr Olympics in VA)and how embarassing is it that our city pool is the way it is, and in the condition it is in. 500 swimmers will be there with their families, think of all the swim meets a new pool facility would bring. The city is not desperate, they City of Searcy wants to improve the city. Cities over the United States, our size, have nicer facilities than we do, and we need to improve that. As a business owner in this town I would love to see more in this town that brings in people that may shop at my store.

  4. Tammy Dixon

    I truly feel sorry for those of you that have nothing better to do than spread lies and untruths in the name of a Republican Party and people that once stood for good. Shame on you for your efforts to destroy the Republican Party. YOUR EFFORTS ARE WORKING!

  5. Chalmer

    Tammy and Paige,

    Nic didn’t even mention the Republican Party. So I’m not sure how it relates to this post.

    Not to be rude, but do either of you know the history of the Republican Party or anything about it’s past or current platform or tenets?

    I believe the platform for least last 50 years and maybe the last 150 years has been smaller government and lower taxes… you know free market principles.

    Raising taxes in the middle of a recession with little to no oversight or accountability for the funds generated is not exactly in line with Republican Party principles.

  6. Scott Biddle

    Apparently you didn’t hear the mayor. She stated on at least 2 occasions that the A&P funds would be insufficient to actually make the improvements she originally promised, and she specifically included the pool on the list of things the tax could not and would not be used for. Every claim made by Searcy Friends of the Voters was subject to heavy scrutiny and the best the supporters of the tax could come up with was that we claimed that Ft. Smith spent between 50 and 75% on salaries, benefits, etc. and they spent (according to an e-mail circulated by Mary Ann Arnett) 37% on salaries, 20% on “operational costs” for the visitors’ center (note they don’t mention how much of the “operational costs” was salaries for visitor center personnel) and 43% on “advertising and promotion”. Please note the amount remaining after those 3 costs which Ft. Smith had available to spend on Parks and Rec. Do the math yet? That’s right, Ft. Smith apparently used NO A&P funds for parks and rec. Sounds like a great model for improving our facilities, doesn’t it?

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