Laforce Does Not Recognize Nutter–Must Have Been the Tie.

This video clearly shows the type of bickering that is impeding true progress in this city.

Here the mayor is clearly seen denying an alderman a right to even pose a question during last night’s city council meeting.  Just imagine how bad things would be if the city was still under a partisan system (the non-partisan resolution passed last year by the council was designed to heal all of the party-invoked wounds and disagreement on the council):


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  1. Russel Hiatt

    Did I hear correctly? They passed the ordinance on the first reading, THEN modified it, and tried to pass the second reading?

  2. Scott

    They read the ordinance, then modified it without amending it, then attempted to move on to the second reading of the modified (not amended) ordinance. Using the mayor and city attorney’s logic, the city can pass blank ordinances and then modify them to say whatever they feel like saying. That is what they did here, fill in blanks after the ordinance was read and not consider that an “amendment” to the ordinance.

    The interesting thing about the whole discussion was that the mayor was very harsh towards Mr. Nutter when she was jumping from place to place and he was looking at a different section. When Steve Sterling lost his place and was discussing something other than what they were currently on, she sweetly corrected him. Everyone is treated equally unless they have had a hand in providing the mayor a significant policy defeat at the polls.

    • Russel Hiatt

      So, our Mayor and five of the City Council continue to play political games with their offices, continue to ignore rules/laws/ordinances as they wish, and continue to try to disenfranchise the voters of Ward 1 by isolating and ignoring one of that ward’s alderman? Classy.

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