Boozman Opens 29-Point Lead Over Lincoln

Arkansas politicos are buzzing today with news that Congressman John Boozman (AR-3) has opened up a 29-point lead over incumbent Blanche Lincoln in the race for U.S. Senate.

Rasmussen Reports released the numbers this morning, showing Boozman beating Blanche 2-to-1 and winning the independent vote 79% to 15%.

For those of you unfamiliar with political polling, these numbers are staggering & perhaps unprecedented.  Never say never in politics, but it would just about take an act of God to get Lincoln within striking distance.

Historically, wide margins like these generally tighten as the election draws closer, but with only 3% undecided, it is hard to envision Lincoln getting within 20 points.  The economy is only going to get worse and voter frustration is rising; this will be a long summer for Lincoln.

Rasmussen also points out that the typical post-primary bounce has not been there for Blanche.  After beating Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in a heated primary (and consequent run-off last week), her numbers against Boozman have actually gotten worse.  Perhaps Democrats are wanting a mulligan about now?

Some other interesting observations from the report:

Blanche has a 10% “Very Favorable” rating, while 37% of those polled hold a “Very Unfavorable” opinion of the senator.

Boozman’s very favorable rating is 26%, with only 12% viewing him very unfavorably.

In regards to Obama, 38% of voters in the state now approve of the job he is doing as president, while 61% disapprove.


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