Masterson: “Arkansas TEA Parties Strike Again.”

The TEA Parties in Arkansas have struck another blow for independence and freedom from endlessly increasing taxation! Last night in Saline County, a resounding 75 percent of voters showed up and said NO! They voted down a $55 million dollar bond proposal and a one cent sales tax that would “sunset” once the bond was paid off. The bond would have been used for a new Fairplex site.

Members of the Benton TEA Party and engaged citizens rallied to get the word out about the special election for months. The Tolbert Report reported County Clerk Freddy Burton said “he could not remember a higher turnout for a special election in recent Saline County history.” A job well done on behalf of the people.

Through the tireless and dedicated labors of those willing to “get the message out,” the families in Saline County were spared a tax increase in perhaps the most financially stressed period in any of their lifetimes.

Citizens across Arkansas are now feeling the empowerment of what happens when voters become informed with the facts and engaged in their communities.

In recent months, TEA Parties across our state have held tax increases at bay. In fall of 2009, the Washington County TEA Party defeated a millage increase for an exorbitant high school. Earlier this year, those in Searcy defeated an A & P Tax–both of these elections had record voter turnouts. The Faulkner County and Northeast Arkansas TEA Parties are constantly engaged with their local officials in an effort to help representatives actually represent.

Lest you think Arkansans are not generating positive change, please remember we still today remain a government of, by and for The People.


Laurie Masterson is a guest contributor to The Arkansas Patriot. She is a TEA Party warrior from Northwest Arkansas & currently works with American Majority as a Field Rep.  Laurie blogs at Master Log. Follow her tweets.


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