Senate Republicans Stand With…Murkowski?

According to a statement issued by Senator Jim Demint (R-SC), Senate Republicans have voted to allow Senator Lisa Murkowski to keep her place as the top Republican on the Energy & Natural Resources Committee.  Murkowski recently lost a heated primary to conservative Joe Miller.

Miller defeated the more liberal Murkowski on August 24th by a very slim margin after being propelled by the endorsement of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Murkowski has recently announced her intentions to launch a write-in campaign which some pundits worry will give the Democratic challenger an advantage in November.

Miller is the only true conservative in the race & is endorsed by Senator Demint’s “Senate Conservatives Fund.”  Demint founded this PAC after a consistent lack of conservative leadership amongst the National Republican Senatorial Committee.   Their support of Murkowski is a perfect example of their lack of principles.

Getting down to the nuts & bolts, it’s tough to see how Murkowski’s write-in campaign will significantly hurt Miller’s chances of becoming Alaska’s next U.S. Senator.  Regardless of how much money she spends, write-in campaigns are incredibly difficult & nearly always unsuccessful.  Her decision to run as a write-in after losing her primary paints an even bleaker picture for Murkowski–Republicans have clearly chosen Miller & most will unite behind him.  And, when given the choice between a Democrat & Democrat-lite, Democrats will choose the true Democrat every time.

Interestingly, Democratic challenger Scott McAdams agrees.  He told the AP yesterday that Murkowski’s write-in campaign is “a lost cause.”

According to Smart Politics, only one U.S. Senator has ever been elected as a write-in candidate–Strom Thurmond in South Carolina with 63.1% of the vote in 1954.


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