The Future Demands Spending Cuts

The following article was written by Liberty Bell contributor Will Simpson in response to “GOP Readies its push to pare U.S. spending: Plan ‘bad for Arkansas,’ Pryor asserts,” an article featured in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on February 3, 2011:

My future is banking, literally, on your choices. As an eighteen-year-old freshman at the University of Arkansas, the debt crisis threatens my economic future even worse than my GPA. The responsible answer to this looming disaster is to trim the budget–drastically. Tinkering with discretionary spending is a great start, but it should be coupled with systemic changes like entitlement reform (even the scary kind), replacement of the PayGo system, and line-item veto or balanced budget amendments.

However, before anyone makes it that far, those of us who voted for less spending have to prove that we mean what we said. The Republican’s “Spending Reduction Act of 2011” is the pivotal first step, and Senator Pryor’s criticism is predicated on the assumption that voters will run scared if they have to sacrifice any arcane programs or subsidies (“GOP readies its push to pare US spending,” Feb 3). Because, obviously we’re going to be petrified if we all can’t fly out of Harrison on tax dollars anymore, or if PBS starts having to sell ads like every other media company in the world.

For my sake, and the sake of my peers–i.e. your kids–call the opposition’s bluff. Support spending reform. Support an economically sustainable future.

 Contributed by Will Simpson

You can read the original newsletter here: The Future Demands Spending Cuts

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