“Two If By Tea”

Today on his broadcast, Rush Limbaugh announced his own line of tea called, “Two If By Tea,” a spin-off of Paul Revere’s warning “one if by land, two if by sea.”  Limbaugh has often cast himself as America’s new Revere, warning America, “The liberals are coming, the liberals are coming!”

In the “About” section of the product’s website, Limbaugh says, “Two If By Tea™ represents traditional American values of capitalism and the pursuit of excellence.”

The brand is currently offering two flavors, Original & Raspberry.  Both come in diet.

As a student of American marketing & a listener of Rush, I am quite intrigued.  Maybe someday I will be able to afford a bottle.

Nicholas Horton is the Editor of The Arkansas Patriot & former Searcy City Council candidate.  In his spare time, he volunteers for various political causes.  Contact Nicholas at arkansaspatriot@gmail.com & follow him on Twitter.


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