The Arkansas Project is Back!

I was very excited to receive word this morning that The Arkansas Project (a political blog maintained by David Kinkade) has rejoined the blogosphere.  Kinkade had previously shut down the blog for reasons unbeknownst to me.  The great news came in an e-newsletter released by the Advance Arkansas Institute:

The Arkansas Project has been re-energized and has been continued to comment on Arkansas government, politics, media, and more.

Also according to the newsletter, AAI & The Project are now affiliates.

I am very excited to have this blog back in my life.  It is a great read for even casual political observers, so check it out.  The pictures are funny–and the words aren’t too bad either.

The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly.  Contact The Patriot at 

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