Young Arkansas Conservative Featured on YAF Website

Arkansas Patriot & The Liberty Bell contributor Will Simpson was featured on Young America’s Foundation‘s website today as part of their series, “Young Conservatives on the Rise.”  Will is currently interning at YAF for the summer.  In the article, Will talks about taking on the liberals at the University of Arkansas, including the campus newspaper–a kindred spirit indeed.

Here’s my favorite excerpt from the article:

It is hard to pinpoint exactly why I am passionate about public policy.  When I learned the share of income that was confiscated by taxes, I realized that the system discouraged people from working.  I gained an appreciation for the sanctity of life when we adopted my little brother after he was nearly aborted.  And in rural Arkansas during deer season, gun control is considered practically demonic.

These factors worked together to create a lasting impression on my Chef Boyardee-fed brain: I had more faith in the American people than in the government.

Simpson is a principled conservative, a defender of liberty, and he has one heck of a radio voice.  He’s on his way to even greater things.  Thanks for making Arkansas proud.


Nicholas Horton is the Editor of The Arkansas Patriot & former Searcy City Council candidate.  In his spare time, he volunteers for various political causes.  Contact Nicholas at & follow him on Twitter.


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