Media Scandal in U.K. Exposes Plight of Conservatism in U.S.

Rupert Murdoch had a really, really bad week.

First the U.K. phone hacking scandal results in the closing of one of Murdoch’s publications.  Then, it snowballed, resulting in the wiping out of $6b (USD) in market assets and the destruction of the BSkyB deal, which would have further expanded Murdoch’s media empire.  There are now serious questions in the U.K. about forcing a fire sale of Murdoch’s remaining assets.  Even one of his closest lieutenants was arrested in connection with the scandal.

Now there’s word that even Scotland Yard was involved in the hacking scandal.

All of this brings me to my point: Conservatives’ reliance on one “brand” in TV media is terrifying.  Let’s assume that this hacking scandal doesn’t make it over to our side of the Atlantic (and for now, that appears to be the case…. but you just never know for sure about these things).  If that’s the case, Fox News will lose a little revenue here or there, but it won’t suffer.  But what about the future?  What if this thing had been here, Fox had lost all credibility, and Roger Ailes were the one going to jail?

Conservatives would have nowhere to turn for television media.  Nowhere.  It would be 1995 all over again, with Rush Limbaugh and talk radio the sole source of information for the 40% of Americans who consider themselves conservative (less than 20% are liberal).

Without Fox News, would we know that President Obama once proudly sat in the church pastored by Jeremiah Wright, a man who said, “God D*** America”, among other things?  Would we know that the Tea Party movement exists, and that there are others who, like us, are sick and tired of government intrusion into our lives?  Maybe, thanks to the Internet and talk radio.  But it’s doubtful that this could have translated into the kind of big movement that it is today.  In elections where 1 or 2 percent decide the outcome of the race, we darn sure need every bit of help getting our message out that we can possibly get.  Fox News is the only television network at the current time willing to report on those things most damaging to the credibility of the Obama Administration.  Fox News is the only television network not expressly in the pockets of GE/Obama/Big Labor.

So what does this all mean?  It means we have all our eggs in one basket.  No, I’m not suggesting that we abandon Fox News.  From what we know they’ve done nothing wrong, and I’m very thankful that we have them to report the things the other networks won’t touch.  But freedom is on the line.  We cannot bury our heads in the sand and ignore the next great scandal.  We cannot not allow ourselves to rely on the same group of people who literally bow before President Obama.

All of this brings me back to something; I think of the Supreme Court.  There’s just one lonely vote preventing the U.S. from slipping into unfathomable tyranny.  Remember, the Supreme Court only decided in a 5-4 decision that private firearm ownership was protected by the 2nd Amendment.  Imagine what would happen if just one of those 5 justices were to have a heart attack tomorrow.  We know what kind of SCOTUS Justice Obama appoints.  It’s a terrifying proposition.

Fortunately, we conservatives can help ourselves.  We need journalists.  Thousands of them!  People like Andrew Breitbart and Matt Drudge. People who “get technology” and know how to break the next big story.  Conservatives must break through and drop this dogmatic insistence on separating ourselves from the media and news.  We have no other choice but to go into the proverbial lion’s den and slay the lion, because everything is on the line.  Liberty is on the line.  Conservatives should answer freedom’s call for help.

Nicholas Stehle is a contributor to The Arkansas Patriot and serves on the Board of Directors of Arkansas Carry.  He is a concealed carry instructor in the state of Arkansas and an advocate for multiple conservative causes.  Check out his tweets and his blog, A New Approach.


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