Busted: Searcy Alderman Sterling Caught Slandering Private Citizens

A Searcy Alderman has been circulating an email slandering myself and another private citizen, former county judge Bob Parrish, who I have made no mention of nor had any communication with since last year.

The email was in regards to the proposed bypass tax increase (a county issue, which is to be noted).  The debate over the tax increase has been documented on this site and apparently the Searcy official is disputing some of our coverage.

In an email, Steve Sterling told a White County citizen:

Here is an example of lies that are being circulated by Nick Horton on his Arkansas Patriot web-site.  I hope you will read our ordinances, both City and County to understand these are totally untrue.  Yes I said LIES!! He must be listening to Bob Parish who is also misleading the people of this County.  I hope you will find out for yourself.

An Attachment is with this!!

Steve Sterling

I am not sure what exactly was attached to the original email, but you can find a copy of the city of Searcy’s resolution in support of the tax here.

And come on Alderman, you misspelled my name.

These attacks do not surprise me.  This isn’t the first time Sterling has attacked my character publicly, including in the local paper.  He seems to have a strange obsession with me–sending me angry emails and doing numerous other things that do not bear repeating.

Sterling has often accused me of being a liar & I have largely ignored him.  So how about this:

Alderman Sterling (one of The Patriot’s most loyal readers), I publicly invite you to affirmatively state exactly what untruths I have presented.  You can email me your list of grievances at ArkansasPatriot@gmail.com and I will publish it verbatim on this site.  If you can document any untruths that I have reported, I will issue a retraction.  If you cannot document any untruths, please find another hobby.


Nicholas Horton

Nicholas Horton is the Editor of The Arkansas Patriot & former Searcy City Council candidate.  He owns & operates Horton’s Lawn Care in Searcy.  In his spare time, he volunteers for various political causes.  Contact Nicholas at arkansaspatriot@gmail.com & follow him on Twitter.



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