A Searcy Water Park? How Will the Extra $12 Million in Tax Dollars be Spent?

I went on the local news talk station this morning to visit with Grant Carey about the proposed White County tax increase.  There I announced the launch of our new website, BypassTheBypassTax.com and our Facebook page.

One of my concerns (and the concerns of the callers) relates to the extra $12 million that will be collected by the county.  I say extra because the tax will bring in an estimated $18 million but only $6 million is needed to cover the bypass costs.

In previous articles on The Patriot, I have speculated that the city of Searcy’s extra money may be used to fund an aquatic center.   Some have said this was silly and unfounded, that the only goal of the Searcy City Council was to obtain extra funding for road improvements.  But this morning on the air I read a document that was circulated at the last meeting of the County Budget Committee.

Read it for yourself:

This is truly baffling because this aquatic center agenda has been clearly rejected by the people of Searcy and the people of White County certainly do not want to pay for Searcy’s water park–nor should they.

Now it is up to the people to make their voice heard on September 13th.

Nicholas Horton is the Editor of The Arkansas Patriot & former Searcy City Council candidate.  He owns & operates Horton’s Lawn Care in Searcy.  In his spare time, he volunteers for various political causes.  Contact Nicholas at arkansaspatriot@gmail.com & follow him on Twitter.


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