The Patriot Receives Sterling Certification

It has now been 21 days since The Patriot obtained an email that Searcy Alderman Steve Sterling was circulating about myself and another private citizen, calling us “LIARS.”   He also challenged the integrity of this blog.

On that day, July 18th, 2011, I issued a challenge to Mr. Sterling, asking him to outline exactly what lies have been told by myself or here on The Patriot.

But rest assured, faithful readers, we have since received no correspondence or list of LIES from the alderman and can therefore announce today that we have been “Sterling Certified.”

We will be proudly displaying our certification seal on the home page of The Patriot so all of our readers can rest assured that we are reporting only the truth.


The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly.  Contact The Patriot at 




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