88% of White County Voters Say “No New Taxes,” Only for Emergency Services

Poll finds vast disapproval for tax increase



August 9, 2011


Nicholas Horton



Searcy, ARCitizens for Responsible Taxation, a watchdog group in White County that formed to oppose the county tax increase proposal, has released the results of a scientific poll that was conducted last week.  The poll shows widespread disapproval for the tax & the structure of the proposal itself.

The survey had over 700 highly likely voter respondents.  When asked if they thought this was an appropriate time to raise taxes with a troubled economy:

63% of respondents said “no.”

25% said yes, but only for essential services such as fire & police.

Only 12% responded, “Yes, the economy should not affect tax policy.”

“These poll numbers confirm what we have been saying for weeks:  the people of this county do not want to pay higher taxes,” said Chairman of CRT, Nicholas Horton. “We remain focused on getting as many voters into the polls on September 13th as possible so we can insure that the will of the people is heard.”

About CRT

 Citizens for Responsible Taxation is a watchdog group that formed on July 22nd, 2011 to oppose the White County tax increase proposal set for a vote on September 13th.   For more information about CRT, visit us at BypassTheBypassTax.com, on Twitter @BypassTaxes or on Facebook at “Bypass Taxes on September 13th.”



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