“White County Taxpayers are Having Their Own Money Used Against Them”

Citizens Group Denounces Misuse of Taxpayer Funds

Calls Promotion of Tax Increase with Taxpayer Money “Immoral”


August 22, 2011


Nicholas Horton



Searcy, ARCitizens for Responsible Taxation, a watchdog group in White County that formed to oppose the Searcy Bypass Tax hike, is denouncing the misuse of taxpayer funds regarding the county’s new “Economic Development Liaison.”

“White County voters have been told that Mr. Jim House has been hired simply to promote ‘economic development’ in the county. So why is he spending all of his time promoting the bypass tax hike?,” CRT Chairman Horton said.

“Taxpayers are having their own money used against them and, quite frankly, wasted. It does not appear that Mr. House has any experience in economic development. Even if he did, his efforts promoting the tax increase, while working for the County, are inappropriate & wasteful. At the very least it is a conflict of interest.

“The money being spent on Mr. House’s salary should be used to fix the serious problems we have with our existing infrastructure, and not used to scam the taxpayers out of more of their money.”

For more information about Citizens for Responsible Taxation, please visit BypassTheBypassTax.com or ArkansasPatriot.us

About CRT

Citizens for Responsible Taxation is a watchdog group that formed on July 22nd, 2011 to oppose the White County tax increase proposal set for a vote on September 13th. For more information about CRT, visit us at BypassTheBypassTax.com, on Twitter @BypassTaxes or on Facebook at “Bypass Taxes on September 13th.”



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