White County Tax Defeated by 14-Point Margin

It has been a very long few weeks & a very long day, but I did want to post the results of the election tonight in White County:

  • 3,248 Against (57%)
  • 2,477 For (43%)

There will be much said about this issue in the coming weeks–and I may even weigh in myself.  But for tonight, I think it is important to remind everyone that the people of White County spoke.  Despite facing a special election, during fair week (on free night), on the night of some parent-teacher conferences in the county, during harvest–the people spoke.

This was their choice to make, and despite having the deck stacked against them, they made their voice heard.

Many thanks to all who donated, made phone calls, put up signs, & helped equip your neighbors with the facts.  You made this happen & the people of White County owe you a great deal of gratitude.

Nicholas Horton, Chairman, Citizens for Responsible Taxation

The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly. Contact The Patriot at arkansaspatriot@gmail.com



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