Real Progress for Searcy Requires Real Reforms

Several in the community have asked me to weigh in on the upcoming Searcy city tax increase, including the mayor, who I had a good visit with today.  As I said earlier in the week, I have been somewhat hesitant to do so because I wanted to let the dust settle from the last election that was only a few weeks ago.

Now, on the eve of another special city council meeting—at which, the council intends to pass a tax—I am composing an email to the council & mayor that I will send tomorrow morning.  It will include a list of positive suggestions for putting together an amicable tax proposal.  I will post the email here on The Patriot and it will likely come as a surprise to those in the community who love to label me as “anti-progress.”

Many have suggested that I come out in favor of the tax proposal so I can dispel all of these rumors that I am “against everything.”  To that I say:  there has been no proposal yet, so I am unwilling to take any position without any actual facts.  It is also important to note that being against something does actually mean you are for something as well–it’s just something different than what has been proposed.

But most importantly, I have to say that I am unwilling to support something just to dispel false rumors and false perceptions.  While it is true that I do not want progressivism and I will fight it in every form, I deeply desire real progress and growth for our city.  I always have.  That’s why I do what I do here on The Patriot, that’s why I ran for office, that’s why I formed Citizens for Responsible Taxation

But real progress will require tackling the systemic problems our city has faced for over a decade, not slapping a band-aid on severe wounds while the city bleeds to death.  We need real solutions, real reforms, and an unwavering commitment to real progress.  So next week, I will begin a new series of articles called “Solutions for Searcy,” continuing the work I have been doing since the A&P tax debate and my involvement in local politics began nearly three years ago:  identifying problems & proposing solutions for our city, my hometown, that I wish to see grow & prosper for years to come.

Please, if you have any friends who love to talk about “that agitator, Nic Horton, he just hates this city,” consider emailing them links to the posts.  I suspect they will like my ideas.

Nicholas H.

The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly. Contact The Patriot at



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