Estimate for Searcy Bypass Arterial Road Improvements

I received this document from city hall a few weeks ago and I have not gotten around to posting it.  The document is an estimate for the work that the City of Searcy wants to do on the ‘arterial roads’ or ‘feeder roads’ for the proposed Searcy bypass.

I was told that the estimate & project would include sidewalks down the new roads, but it looks like the estimate does not include this.

The city referred a tax to the voters at their September meeting.  The tax would be 1% on all sales in the city for 15 months.  It would raise close to $7 million.  The cost of the bypass is only $3 million, but the council & mayor strongly believe that the arterial roads must be improved as well.  As you can see in the estimate, the cost of the arterial improvements is around $4 million.

The tax will go before the voters in a special election on December 13th.

Nic Horton


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