54% of Republican Voters Aren’t Concerned About Cain Allegations

A new NBC/WSJ poll shows that 54% of likely Republican primary voters are not concerned with the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations.  15% say they are “just a little” concerned.

The poll was conducted November 2nd through the 5th, comprised of 1,000 ‘adults.’  That is all of the statistical information that is being released until after the news tonight.

Absolutely fascinating to see Cain continue to defy political conventional wisdom.  The more the media and establishment of the party push back, the more his numbers–in the polls and in the bank–continue to rise.  Of course everyone is saying that his rise cannot be sustained under such unrelenting scrutiny, but time will tell.  These are the same people who have said he would never be a top tier candidate and never had a chance of being the nominee.

We will see how he weathers the latest round of attacks from Gloria Allred.  I’ll have my opinion/predictions later this evening.

Nic Horton



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