Is Latest Cain Accuser a Democrat Donor?

If you didn’t see the news today, there is a new woman who has come forward with sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain.

Unlike the other women, this woman has actually come forward, released her name, appeared before the cameras, and given a great amount of detail about what allegedly happened back in 1997 involving herself and Mr. Cain.  The woman’s name is reportedly Sharon Bialek, a resident of Chicago.

I did a little research tonight and found an “Adelaide Bialek” that lives in Palos Park, IL, a very close suburb of Chicago.  It appears that this person gave $200 to Hillary Clinton in 2008.  This may be nothing, but it perhaps deserve a look.  How many Bialeks could there be in Chicago? (or anywhere, for that matter)

That’s all the information I have at this point, and probably as far as I can take this story.  Perhaps Politico will use their fantastic investigative skills and find out if the same woman we saw cheerily making some serious allegations today has a political agenda.  But don’t hold your breath.

Nic Horton


One comment

  1. JohnG911

    Yes I found a “Adelaide” Bialek who gave $200 to Clinton and like Sharon Bialek, she is unemployed. Sharon Bialek lied when she said she doesn’t know David Axelrod. Appears she lives in same building. Could someone please explain how Cain grabbed Bialek’s head and went for her genitals all while driving his car? I bet he was holding a cell phone in his forth hand!

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