‘Net Neutrality’ Senate Vote Scheduled for Thursday

While in DC last week for AFP’s Defending the American Dream Summit, I was privileged to be able to have lunch with some leaders in the conservative movement from across the country, including Mr. Seton Motely who you will see in the video below.  He briefed our group of bloggers about the upcoming legislation, SJR 6, regarding ‘net neutrality.’  This bill in the Senate would stop the power grab by the FCC over the internet.

Today we find out that SJR 6 will be up for a vote this Thursday.  As explained in the video very brilliantly by Phil Kerpen of AFP, this is a real test of whether or not we will continue to have a representative government in this country.

Here is a great synopsis of what’s at stake:


With the Senate currently split 51-47, favoring a Democrat majority, Motley feels that the 47 Republicans will stand firmly for this bill.  That means we only need 4 Democrat Senators to stand up with them.  Arkansans, don’t you think the blossoming conservative Senator Mark Pryor is an excellent choice?

For more information on SJR 6 or to contact Senator Pryor, visit this website.

You can also phone his DC office directly at (202) 224-2353 or his Little Rock office at (501) 324-6336.

Tell Senator Pryor to stand with Arkansans and keep the federal government’s hands off of our internet.  Remind him that Arkansas comes first.

Nic Horton


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  1. Mark Anderson

    Yes, I would love to have the largest corporations have much faster internet service than this dismal site.

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