“Vote for Roads and Jobs Committee” Forms in Searcy

I am a little late on this, but it looks like the “Vote for Roads and Jobs Committee” was formed on October 14 with the Arkansas Ethics Commission.  Unfortunately, they seem to be having problems with their filings, much like our friends on the “Moving White County Forward Committee” had.

That committee was apparently chaired by Reynie Ruteledge, owner of First Security Bank, but the filings were a bit murky, never specifying Ruteledge’s exact title.  Searcy Chamber President Buck Layne was their Treasurer and they failed to report any expenditures–or even file as an official committee–until one week before election day.

The new group’s initial filing did not list any officers, but does list Layne as a member.  The initial report was then amended three days later to list Layne as Treasurer and Stuart Dalrymple as chairman.  Dalrymple is a local real estate agent who bankrolled much of the “Moving Forward” committee’s efforts.  He has already given $1,000 to this committee.

Both of the new committee’s filings fail to state whether the committee is for or against the recent proposal, but I think we can figure that out.

An interesting discovery:  the committee’s location is listed as 2323 South Main St., Searcy, Arkansas, which is the address of the Searcy Chamber of Commerce.  Given that the chamber receives a large sum of taxpayer money (at least $40,000 from the city of Searcy, the last time I checked), I wonder if any of the chamber’s resources are being used in promotion of this tax or if the chamber plans to report those expenses?

I will be doing some more inquiring into this.

Nic Horton



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