New White County OEM Building Lacks Septic Access–Time for Porta-Potty Tax!

Today’s Searcy paper featured a story about the purchase of the OEM building at last night’s White County Quorum Court meeting.  I have a few brief observations about the comments made in the article that do not quite add up–SURPRISE!

  • First of all, the judge revised the results of the ‘appraisal’ from “$565,000-$600,ooo” to “$595,000-$600,000.”  I tend to think if this was any kind of credible appraisal, it would have produced a specific number–and that number would not be changing from day to day.
  • When JP Burns questioned the judge about the evocation of Appraisers, Inc.’s business license, the judge said, “he knew nothing about a license revocation and pointed Burns to information he had sent the justices verifying the company’s current licensure in Searcy.”  Now judge, if you did not know that there was some question about Appraisers, Inc.’s licensure, why would you have sent the JPs a copy of their current licensure in Searcy?
  • The county attorney’s explanation of why the evocation was listed: “If a reason is not shown on the website, we don’t know whether or not the company actually has had trouble or if it’s something else.”  So glad he cleared that up.
  • It will be ‘possible’ to get the building on city water and septic ‘within two years’ and it will cost the county, but we have no idea how much.  In the mean time, let’s pass a Porta-Potty tax so we can buy our two OEM workers their own latrines!  After all, the county is broke!  We just spent $590,000 on a $320,000 building with no septic access!
Nic Horton


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