Searcy Paper: “County OEM Fiasco Unfortunate”

As you know, I really don’t read the paper, so sometimes I miss stuff that is happening locally.  Well how about this.

In a shocking turn of events, today The Daily Citizen in Searcy ran an editorial about the retention of county OEM director Tamara Jenkins following a state police investigation into her misuse of taxpayer funds, making a pretty fair assessment of the situation and the mood of the electorate.

Here’s a particularly pungent quote from the op-ed:

A clear-eyed review of the facts found during the investigation is disheartening. Jenkins did make admit making personal charges with public funds, meaning she was negligent at best. Raff stated in a release last week that the county suffered no financial loss, but the old rule of “no harm, no foul” doesn’t necessarily apply. The public trust is, after all, a fragile thing.

We don’t see how Jenkins remaining within the county government can be beneficial to anyone, but we could be wrong. Perhaps County Judge Michael Lincoln is right and Jenkins’ services to the county as OEM coordinator are irreplaceable. Nonetheless, this is an unfortunate incident for the county government and a public that is already jaded.

The paper also noted that cynicism towards government is at ‘an all-time high’ and it is ‘sad to see local officials adding fuel to the fire.’

I’m happy to give credit where credit is due.  Congrats to the paper for getting this right.

Nic Horton


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