We are Rich! White County Approves Purchase of OEM Building

Folks, we have so much money in White County, we cannot possibly spend it all!  (Well, until of course, we decide want a tax increase.  Then we are broke and that $12+ million we have in the bank is all ‘earmarked.’)  But for now, we are RICH!

In fact, we have SO MUCH of other people’s money, we are calling all realtors: come to White County!  We are so filthy rich, we will let you appraise your own buildings, and we will pay nearly double what your buildings are worth!

That is what has just happened, as the quorum court voted last night to suspend the rules and–unanimously, according to the paper–approved the purchase of a 7,500 square foot building (that previously sold for $320,000) for a price of $590,000…for 2 OEM employees!  But don’t worry!  The appraiser (a friend & donor of the judge’s) has told us that this is a GREAT deal! 

There is plenty more about this story in today’s paper that needs to be analyzed, but for now, let’s all just savor this moment of pride in our county.  We are so rich!   Maybe we should start bailing out other counties in Arkansas!  Or build a water park!  Or buy some farmland in Florida–let’s offer them double!  What a great ideas!  We can definitely afford it!

(On a serious note: the county government is actually very rich, due to natural gas exploration in the area and a jail tax that has never been repealed, but a few more projects like this and we will be hurting like most other counties in the state. Unfortunately, we do not appear to have any executive leadership that is willing to exercise any restraint–except for on road improvements, of course.  Bad days are ahead for our county unless we change the way things operate.)

Nic Horton



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