White County Passes 2012 Budget, Increases Spending by 31%

Well, the White County Quorum Court did do something other than purchase a $320,000 building for $590,000 on Tuesday night.  They also passed the 2012 county budget.

Here are some facts about the budget, according to the paper:

  • The 2012 budget is a staggering 31% increase in spending.  The total 2011 budget expenditures were $26.2 million.  The 2012 budget will spend $34.2 million.
  • Projected revenues are $41.75 million.  That means the county will be taking in approximately $7 million more than they need next year.
  • The county plans to spend $2 million on a new 911 office. 
  • County employees received a 3% raise, with no cuts being made. 

My favorite quote from the article comes from the esteemed JP Mike Cleveland:

All of the items people asked for were granted,’ Cleveland said. ‘There were not cuts and the county employees received a 3 percent raise.’

$7 million in excess revenue.  $7,000,000.  No cuts.  31% spending increase.  Employee raises, while every business and household in White County is cutting back.  All while the prospects of another recession next year are looking more and more likely.  This is financial lunacy.

My question is simple:  Is there anyone in this county who still thinks this county is broke or that we needed a tax increase to fund a $6 million road project?


Nic Horton



  1. Gabbster

    Right on the Money! The 7M ought to be given back to the citizens in tax breaks. Its the Peoples money, not Searcy’s. No new taxes. These councilmen think everyday is April 15th. Enough is enough.


      Mr. Larry Haney, $7 Million may not be much in 2011 money, but it would be a lot to me and
      mine in any year money. Our White County Government mus be taking lessons from our
      President. It’s not much money when it ain’t yours. We just not only need to tax the rich more, we need to tax everybody more. WHAT A JOKE.

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