Is ‘Appraisers Inc.’ Licensed for Business in Searcy? Well, They Are Now

The paper reported on Wednesday that White County Judge Lincoln presented some sort of documentation to the quorum court on Tuesday night as evidence that “Appraisers Inc.” of Searcy, his appraisal company for our shiny new OEM building, was licensed to conduct appraisals in Searcy.

I made an inquiry with the Searcy city clerk to see if Appraisers Inc. was actually licensed by the city of Searcy.  What do you know: they were not.  Neither the business Appraisers Inc. nor their reported owner, Charles Davis, had business licenses in Searcy.  

15 minutes ago, I received a follow up email from the city clerk:

Mr. Horton, Application for license was just filed today by Charles W. Davis.

Copy is attached per your request.

Here is a copy of the license for your viewing pleasure.  Interesting that it expires in a just a few weeks.

Now before the ‘personal attack’ claims start flailing my way, let me just say:  I have never met Mr. Davis.  I am sure he is a nice person.  In fact, since this story developed, many close friends of mine have told me that he’s an okay fellow.  That is not my issue here, nor is my intention to damage his credibility or the success of his newly formed business.

My issue is this: why did the judge tell the quorum court that Mr. Davis was licensed by the city of Searcy when this was patently and provably false?  

And why did the judge select Mr. Davis to conduct the appraisal when there are countless other appraisers who are licensed and able to conduct an appraisal that would be above any scrutiny? 

If I’ve learned one thing in politics, it is that there is always more to the story.  There is more to this story and we are starting to see it unfold.

Nic Horton


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