Is Searcy Chamber Using Taxpayer Funded Resources to Promote City Tax Increase?

I sent Searcy Mayor David Morris an email last Wednesday inquiring about the use of the Searcy Chamber of Commerce building (which is funded in part by our tax dollars) as headquarters for the new pro-tax committee in town.

While I have not heard back from him yet, I know he is incredibly busy, so I am not quite ready to pronounce this a conspiracy.  But I do expect an answer so we can clear this up.  He has promised the people publicly and privately on several occasions that there will be no city tax dollars going towards the promotion of this tax increase, scheduled for a vote on December 13th.  My email included only questions, not accusations.

I will be sending an inquiry to Chamber chairman Buck Layne as well.  The sooner they clear this up, the better off they will be politically.  The longer these questions go unanswered, the more speculation will continue to build.  As of now, they have seen no public opposition to this tax.  The best way they can insure that they get their tax and retain the “benefit of the doubt” about this tax from the people is to uphold their promises of transparency.

Nic Horton



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