Requested White County Records ‘Purged, Not Necessarily Available’

This morning, I received a response to my FOI request that I filed with the White County Judge’s office last week requesting 1. All email correspondence between county OEM director Tamara Jenkins and the county judge from January 2009 to present and 2. All text messages sent and received on Tamara Jenkins’ phone since March 2009. 

Here is the response, in full:

Mr. Horton,

There is no e-mail correspondence to or from Tamara Jenkins on Judge Lincoln’s computer.  I contacted AT&T regarding text messages and was told by Ms. Stacey Carpenter that those records are purged and are not necessarily available.  In some cases they may be retrieved by subpoena for criminal cases but not for FOIA requests. Please feel free to call me at (501) 279-6200 with any questions or comments.

Lisa Brown

Adm. Asst.

White County Judge’s Office

Any way you slice this, this spells trouble for the judge’s office.  Either:

  1. They are violating FOI law and not sharing emails/deleting emails
  2. There has been no communication (at least electronically) between the judge and a major county department head in the last two years–someone whom he says he has ‘confidence in to do her job.’

Perhaps a little less confidence and a little more oversight could’ve prevented the misuse of taxpayer funds by Miss Jenkins.

Nic Horton


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