White County FOI Merry-Go-Round Continues

So, after having last week’s FOI request essentially ignored by the county judge’s office, I decided I would FOI our OEM director directly, asking this time only for her public emails since January 2009.

Her response?

Mr. Horton,
All FOI’s for this office must go through the White County Judge’s Office.
Thank you.
So the judge’s office does not fulfill my original request.
Now Miss Jenkins will not provide her records and is now sending me back to the judge’s office to request them.
And of course the judge & Miss Jenkins have not communicated electronically in over two years.
I have to wonder if another inquiry with the judge’s office will result in another disappearance of records?
And do these records actually exist or have they been destroyed in violation of the Freedom Of Information Act?
If they do exist, I would advise the judge’s office to release them and end all speculation of any wrongdoing as soon as possible.
If they do not exist, well…
Nic Horton


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