Searcy Paper Picks Up White County Justice of the Peace DWI Story

Today’s Searcy paper includes an article about a story that we broke first here on The Patriot yesterday: the arrest of White County JP George “Bud” Osborn for drunk driving.

A few observations from the article that would be hilarious if they were not so sad, and related to such a serious matter:

  • The paper spoke with Mr. Osborn about the incident.  His response?  “I wasn’t THAT drunk!”  Direct quote:  “I wasn’t highly intoxicated and I wasn’t driving erratically.”  Searcy PD seems to disagree with that assessment…as does Mr. Osborn’s breathalyzer.
  • White County Judge Mike Lincoln was asked to comment about the incident.  His response?  “I would hope that [all county officials] would adhere to the law…I want to refrain from comment until we get more information.” Mr. Osborn’s blood-alchol level was .13.  Respectfully, what further information is needed before this actions are condemned?
  • Judge Lincoln also said he ‘wasn’t sure if the offense could lead to removal from office.’  Quite honestly, that could not be more irrelevant.  Mr. Osborn should resign, and the judge should be demanding that he do so.

I think this incident demonstrates a broader problem that we have in our humble White County community:  a lack of humility from public officials.  Some would even call it arrogance.  It is not only a feeling of entitlement and disregard for the law, but a failure to accept responsibility for mistakes.

Why will local politicians not take responsibility for their actions?  What further information do we need about this incident before it can be condemned?  Why are local politicians not calling for Mr. Osborn’s resignation?

We need leadership.

Nic Horton



  1. Tom

    I think you’re jumping the gun a little bit. Does Mr. Osborn have a history of DWI or was this his first time? Anybody can make a mistake and have a lapse of judgement. Our government is still run by humans, they’re not infallible. Did he make a mistake? Yes. Would you fire anybody from every job the first time they got drunk? I hope not! Once again, if this is a habitual occurrence, then yes he has a serious problem, but if it’s his first offense, cut him some slack and thank God he was caught before he hurt somebody. I’m not about to go asking for his job until I know that he’s habitually guilty of DWI

  2. Josh

    Tom, he is responsible for driving intoxicated and putting citizens at risk of injury or death. Repeat DWI offenses are to be taken even more seriously, but one infraction is also a huge problem. He broke the law; he endangered citizens. That’s the issue at play here, not “habitual guilt”.

    Defending an elected official who broke the law in a way that had the very real potential of hurting or killing others shows an extreme lack of moral clarity.

  3. Melissa

    I disagree with grouping ALL public officials into the same category of having a “lack of humility”. When you start making broad statements like that you are accusing innocent people of pretty serious character flaws.

  4. Josh

    Melissa, in context, that’s not what he was saying at all. He recognized that White County has a problem–a lack of humility from public officials that goes beyond Mr. Osborn. But, where did he accuse every public official in the county of lacking humility?

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