2 Weeks After Initial FOI Request, White County Emails Obtained

To update you on a story I have been chronicling for a while here:  nearly two weeks after my original FOI request to the county, I have now received a disk that contains White County OEM Director Tamara Jenkins‘ emails.  I have not looked at the information yet, so who knows exactly what is on it, but it should contain all of Jenkins’ emails from January 2009 until present.

The ladies in the judge’s office let me know that the Searcy paper has requested copies of all of the information that I was provided.  We will see what they find.

To answer a question that many of you have posed:  no, I did not pay for these emails.  To do so would have been a violation of FOI law and my rights as a citizen of Arkansas.

If any of you make FOI requests in the future, I advise you to study the Arkansas FOI law closely and not back down.  I have found that many elected officials and government bureaucrats will tell you many things in order to avoid fulfilling these requests in the manner that you requested, and often use excessive fees to deter these types of investigations by citizens.  Do not be deterred.  Know your rights.

Stay tuned for more as I start digging through the emails.

Nic Horton


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