Early Voting on Searcy Tax One Week Away

Early voting on the Searcy bypass tax begins next Tuesday, December 6th.  It will be held at the White County Clerk’s Office, 315 N. Spruce Street in Searcy.

Below is an example of the proponents’ literature that is being distributed.  It was taken from Mary Ann Arnett‘s Facebook page, a Searcy alderman. (I just want to point that out in case she runs for re-election and, I don’t know, says she never supported a tax increase)

Apparently this tax is going to create jobs–who could be against that?

It’s no big secret that I have big issues with this whole ‘vote for jobs’ tactic.  Effective?  Maybe.  Dishonest?  In my opinion, yes.

To find out why, check out my November 9th post.

And don’t forget to vote.

Nic Horton



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