Yarnell’s Ice Cream to Resume Production in Searcy

Local radio has been reporting that Yarnell’s Ice Cream recipes were sold at auction yesterday to a heating and air repairman from Harrison, AR.

Now many news outlets are reporting that a Chicago-based company who already operates in Searcy has acquired the recipes & plans to resume production of the Yarnell’s flavors.

From another Arkansas blogger, Kat Robinson of Eat Arkansas:

I just got off the phone with Buck Layne, president of the Searcy Chamber of Commerce. He just confirmed reports that Yarnell’s Ice Cream will eventually return to store shelves.

Layne says Chicago-based Shulze and Birch Biscuit Company has acquired the plant and most of the recipes for the ice cream in a $1.3 million bid approved by a judge yesterday. Initially, it was reported that David Davidson had acquired a good number of the Yarnell’s recipes, but after an afternoon of negotiation Shulze and Birch received those recipes.

I only wish this had happened in time to get the Pumpkin Pie flavor on the shelves before the holidays. Maybe next year.

Nic Horton



  1. Allen

    I heard earlier in the day on KTHV that someone bid 1.4 million for Yarnell’s, and the bid was turned down. Then, later in the day, a 1.3 million bid was accepted. I thought that was pretty strange. How is that right?

    • Arkansas Patriot

      I believe $1.4 million was offered at the beginning of the auction for the entire estate and was rejected. Then, after some of the equipment, recipes, etc. were sold, a bid of $1.3 million was accepted for the remainder. NHH

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