Exclusive: Investigation Underway into Appraisal of White County OEM Building

Justice of the Peace Cameron Cooper (District 3, Romance) tells me that several members of the White County Quorum Court have requested that the Arkansas Appraiser & Licensing Certification Board review Mr. Charles Davis‘ appraisal licensure.  An investigation is now reportedly underway.

Many questions arose last month after Mr. Davis was hired by White County Judge Mike Lincoln to conduct an appraisal on a building that the county was considering purchasing for $590,000.  The building had been last sold for only $320,000 and the judge initially refused to have the building appraised, even at the request of the quorum court.  He finally did have the property appraised. One appraisal was by Mr. Davis, who allegedly is not licensed to conduct such an appraisal, and another appraisal was conducted by the real estate broker for the property.

Reporting here on The Patriot about these potential violations has created quite a stir in the community about the entire OEM building debacle, and has led to many inquiries with the court, conceivably contributing to the initiation of this investigation.

Cooper tells The Patriot:

Several of us have filed a complaint/request for more info with the Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board. Specifically, we want to know the exact scope of Mr. Davis’ license (can he appraise commercial property, any dollar limits he is subject to, etc.)

On Monday of last week, Cooper followed up and told me that the AALCB has told the group of JPs that this will “not be an overnight thing,” and will take some time.

Cooper says he is not sure what recourse the court has if the investigation does indeed reveal violations.

JP Bobby Burns (District 2, Beebe) has also indicated to The Patriot that he joined in the investigation request.

Cooper tells me there are other JPs listed on the complaint, but requested that I contact them individually before releasing their names.  I am told there may be as many as 5 JPs listed on the complaint.

Of course, I will keep you posted on further developments.

Nic Horton



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  2. David Warren

    I believe that after the investigaion is complete you will owe Mr. Davis a big apology. This is coming from someone who is knowledgeable in the appraisal profession. I know Mr. Davis personally and have seen his appraisal work first hand. I can assure you that he always conducts business in an honest and professional manner. Many Certified Residential appraisers perform appraisals on commercial properties in conjunction with a Certified General Appraiser, this is a common business practice among appraisers. The Certified Genreral Appraiser will overlook the appraisal process and sign off on the Appraisal. This is likely the case in this situation. Your accusations of Mr. Davis are false and misleading to the public. You should make sure you have a clear understanding of the matter at hand before you post misleading information. Also you state that another appraisal was done by the real estate Broker. A Broker will give a Brokers Price Opinion, not an appraisal. These are two very different things. I can direct you to some good real estate appraisal classes so you will not be misinformed. Something you should have done before questioning a mans integrity in a profession you clearly are uneducated about. I hope that you will admit your mistake and apologize to Mr. Davis when you realize he did nothing outside the normal course of business in the appraisal profession.

    • Arkansas Patriot

      I haven’t made any accusations. I have reported the fact that there are questions regarding the appraisal, and that Mr. Davis does not appear to be certified for the type of appraisal he conducted. If you have a problem with that, you should take it up with the AACLB, because that came straight from them. I have also reported that there is an investigation underway. This is a fact, not an accusation or a theory. Perhaps you should research the difference between facts and accusations. If there was no credibility to the questions that have been raised on this site, there wouldn’t be an investigation underway. Facts are stubborn things. Thanks for reading!

    • Arkansas Patriot

      Also, let me add: this could have all been avoided if the judge had shown any interest in doing this building purchase the right way, transparently. Instead, he refused to address concerns prior to the purchase of the building.

      As for your assertions that I am ignorant of the appraisal process, I have been incredibly upfront about this and only someone lacking of any substantive argument would make such a statement. I encourage you to go back and read all of the posts regarding the OEM building. I have posed mostly questions, rather than judgments, due to my admitted ignorance of the appraisal process and laws.

      In regards to your demand for an apology, If the investigation reveals no violations, I will be more than happy to report that here. I have no interest in seeing Mr. Davis or anyone else have their reputation damaged. My only interest is the truth & getting some answers into what has really transpired. The blame for any harm to Mr. Davis lies with the judge for refusing to answer questions and conduct this process above board. He is the one who drug Mr. Davis into this situation. Thankfully we have some elected officials who are willing to seek the truth.

    • Arkansas Patriot

      In regards to the actual appraisal, you are correct. A broker can give a broker’s pricing opinion. However, an appraisal was requested by members of the Quorum Court, and the information from the real estate agent was presented as an appraisal, not a Broker’s Pricing Opinion. Second, to my knowledge, the appraisal from Mr. Davis was presented as his work. There was no mention of a Certified General Appraiser reviewing and signing off on the appraisal. This is really less about Mr. Davis or the real estate agent. It is about Judge Lincoln misrepresenting the “appraisals” of Mr. Davis and the real estate agent in order to influence the Quorum Court in his favor.

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