Searcy Paper Rips Off Patriot’s Analysis, Makes Post-Election ‘Prediction’

In an editorial the Searcy paper wrote on Sunday, they accomplished many breath-taking feats, but each deserves its own blog post.  So we will start with their continuation of ripping information off this blog without crediting us.  I’ll follow up with a post or two this afternoon about the “substance” of their article.

S0, here is what the paper said they would have predicted about the Searcy bypass tax, if they had had the guts to make a prediction before the election actually took place:

In the failed county-wide vote, the issue was approved within the Searcy city limits by a 10 percent margin. Nonetheless, we knew many factors — such as concerns about the northern route’s location and the election being held 12 days before Christmas — could create a different outcome. If forced to predict, we would have said it would pass, but only by a nose.

Fascinating, post-election prediction, don’t you agree?  I would say that I couldn’t have said it better myself, except I did…on election day last week:

First of all, I think the results will be fairly close.  I would define close as 5-7%.  This is just gut instinct, based on the way the last several taxes have gone…

Secondly, I think the tax will probably pass.  I say this because, yes, the city faced no organized opposition and the vote was 2 weeks before Christmas.

Great reporting, guys!  While mocking blogs on your Facebook profiles, you have now officially stolen analysis from a blog that you so heartily despise.

#PostElectionPredictions #PlagiarismRocks!

Nic Horton



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  2. SearcyVoter

    Let’s recap: You are saying that after reading your blog, the paper stole your wildly incorrect prediction (off by over 30%), then claimed it as their own 5 days after the election results were known??? Why wouldn’t they have said they knew it would be a lopsided victory all along?? And why do you even want to take credit for such an analysis that proved to be grossly inaccurate?? Are you really an idiot, just full of yourself, or both??

  3. Huh?

    You lost me on this one. What would they have to gain? The only thing you could claim is they want to pick off readers to your site, but the rest of the opinion piece shows they have no desire to do that. What, exactly, is the point of this post?

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