Former Kensett Mayor: City Government in “Flagrant Violation” of FOI Law

The City of Kensett’s local government led by 79 yr. old Mayor Max McDonald seems to have the local Searcy Daily Citizen in their hip pocket. Several things have occured in the past but two most recent things really stand out. At the December 20, 2011 regular council meeting a flagrant violation of the FOIA law as it pertained to an executive session happened. Alderman Jackie Rogers wanted an executive session to discuss a monthly gas allowance for the local constable, Mr. Fred Fergus. The mayor so granted an executive session. Then later it was announced by the mayor that I,Don Fuller,have filed a lawsuit against the city. The challenged  Ord. 2011-8 was mentioned but not its content which annexed an illegal parcel of property onto an already illegal shoestring annex. Paul Love is my attorney. The next morning I alerted the Daily Citizen newsroom and even emailed the editor and publisher to no avail concerning the illegal executive session. No coverage of either item has been done by the Daily Citizen. A $90,000 plus 8 inch sewer line is being ran close to the new “illegal annex” at taxpayer’s expense. The kicker is the council only agreed to build the sewer line if the property is duly annexed. The lawsuit was served on McDonald about 3 weeks before McDonald gave the go ahead to start the sewer line. I felt this was definitely newsworthy to the citizens of Kensett to see what their government is doing!!

Thanks, Don Fuller

Don Fuller is the former mayor of Kensett, AR.


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